Nishot Amy! Stylized Portraiture


A member of Professional Photographers of America and awarded by Photographer's Forum Magazine, Amy approaches portraiture as a conversational and creative process between photographer and client. Planning of style, location and overall experience are done together to achieve the look you want most. Establishing a good rapport is the first step to creating fun and unique images.


Amy understands the science, art and heart behind photography, and the result... beautiful, resonating images that people want to look at over and over.
— Signe
A lot of head shot photos don’t capture the warmth of a person. They make someone “look good”. Amy accomplishes both beautifully. I can hear (the model’s) voice while looking at this photo...
— Dennis
My daughter’s first meet up with Amy was like seeing two old friends together... there was no ice to break. Amy’s down to earth and witty personality made the shoot a fun and easy experience for us. Amy has a unique talent of vision with both the camera and model.
— Michael